Eggward Smith

Born: Eggshire, UK

Eggward was born in a small village in England. Brainy and studious in nature, he won a place in prestigious Cambridge University, where he obtained his PhD in both physics and chemistry.

He was entirely capable of becoming a rocket scientist, but it was daunting for a little egg to be around combustible substances. Instead, he dedicated his studies to attain excellence in cooking, experimenting with scientific principles to perfect his desserts. He is the founder of the Eggward's Lab, a centre of eggcelence dedicated to research towards perfect desserts that are kind to the waistline. He is on a constant lookout for promising students from all corners of the earth.

Eggward dreams of opening up his laboratory and sharing his love of desserts with people all over the world. He can't wait for everybody to come to his world and show of his and his students' creations.

Favourite dessert: Pies, although he insists on writing it as π.
Favourite colour: 80% grey. He thinks it makes him look manly.

Fun facts:
Eggward got into trouble when he was in kindergarten. While the other kids were learning their 1-2-3, he counted along in Fibonacci sequence.

To amuse himself, he sometimes bakes cookies in batches of prime numbers.

He tells people that Stephen Hawking is his idol, but secretly he really wants to meet Heston Blumenthal.


Madeleine Stucchi

Born: Terraouva, Italy

Signora Madeleine was an Italian opera singer. She was a full blown prima donna and when she sang, the world was entirely at her feet. Countless admirers flocked to see her perform. Nothing was too good for the darling of the opera world. Madeleine only needed to snap her dainty fingers and her wishes would be fulfilled. Her dramatic voice went from strength to strength as she diligently honed it to perfection, until one day it became too perfect.

During a particularly strenuous aria, Madeleine hit a crystal clear high note that shattered a wine glass. In a regular world, this is an incredible achievement. La signora however, is an egg. A huge proportion of her audience were also eggs. Her "cracking" voice was met with fear and, with it, her ticket sales plummeted.

Madeleine was devastated. She channeled her frustration into her other love, baking, where she discovered that she was even better at than singing. She loves that she is no longer at the mercy of producers, conductors, and audience. Instead, she can dictate her ingredients to do exactly what she wants them to do. The yeast rises, the cream thickens, and the sugar caramelises the way she expects. She is, in every sense, the boss.

Eggward was walking beneath her window when he heard Madeleine humming to herself. He smelled a delicious smell and saw her churning out perfectly formed - you guessed it - madeleines. Madeleine happily agreed to join Eggward, as long as she gets to call the shots.

Favourite dessert: Madeleines. That should be obvious.
Favourite colour: Deep red. She thinks it's powerful and she likes to stand out.

Fun facts:
She likes a nice plume on her hat. You can usually find an insulted looking bird clutching its bottom near her.

Madeleine enjoys mystery novels. Her favourite character is Hercule Poirot because he was described as having an egg shaped head.

She likes Greggory. She thinks the the roundness of his head is fascinating and she pesters him to grow a moustache to be like her idol.


Pia MacDonald

Born: Eggville, USA

Pia grew up as a daughter of a farming family. When she was 8 years old, she won the title of Miss Little Egg, a regional child pageant in her hometown. Sure she was pretty, well mannered, and incredibly sweet, just like every other contestants. Her winning point was in the talent part of the competition, where she delivered a stunning pie that evoked such strong sense of homeliness. Her competitors watched with envy, feeling rather silly with their twirling batons, while the judges tucked into her pies and shed tears of joy.

Eggward mistakenly Tivoed Miss Little Egg when he thought he was recording Masterchef. He was glad of the mistake as he discovered yet another child prodigy for his dessert research. Pia's parents were quite happy for their daughter to join Eggward, as they are hopeless in cooking.

Favourite dessert: Anything pink, preferably with strawberries.
Favourite colour: Pink!

Fun facts:
Pia loves animals, but they are terrified of her as she squeals and hugs them too tight.

She's slightly jealous of Donato because animals flock to him.

She dreams of someday going back to farming and grow her own berries.



Born: Eggward's Lab

Donato is the result of Eggward's brief foray into genetic engineering. Having identified a chicken who had a penchant for puddings, Eggward nurtured her into producing an egg that is to become Donato. Being under Eggward's wing from birth, it was no surprise that Donato has no ambiguity about what he wants to be.

His goal is to join Eggward in his lab, but he is very clumsy. His talent is also somewhat sporadic, alternating between producing spectacular desserts and ending up in total disasters. Eggward recognised his determination, not to mention his sweet nature, but he keeps Donato under close supervision.

Donato wishes he will grow up and grow a marvelous mop of hair. He admires Reggie's hair and is fond of him too. In fact, he is the one who found Reggie through Instagram when he was going through #marveloushair, although he was slightly bothered with Reggie's outrageous selfies.

Favourite dessert: Panna cottas. He thinks it's funny that they wiggle.
Favourite colour: Yellow. Donato loves the sun and yellow is a sunny colour.

Fun facts:
Donato loves animals and animals love him. He has a basset hound named Bubu. The straps of his overalls are forever slipping down. That's the drawback of being egg shaped. He has no shoulders to speak of.


Greggory Filatov

Born: Yaytsograd, Russia

Greggory came from a family of engineers. His parents were both logistics experts and his older brother is a well known figure in manufacturing. Greggory is also a talented engineer, but he could not care less about finding the most efficient way to produce mundane things like screwdrivers and shoes, to his family's chagrin. What he loves is a good dessert. He applied his engineering talents to produce the best desserts with efficiency.

He was about to embark on his own dessert factory, having mastered volume, mass production, and speed, when his friend Madeleine introduced him to Eggward.

Greggory knew of Madeleine because he loves operas. He sent a bouquet of flowers to her after watching a performance and he was invited backstage. They became friends through mutual passion for desserts, although Greggory is slightly afraid of her. Madeleine is forever trying to get him to grow a moustache while Greggory thinks he looks grumpy enough without adding another stern feature to his face.

Favourite dessert: Cookies. They make him happy.
Favourite colour: Blue. His favourite character in Sesame Street is the Cookie Monster and he is blue.

Fun facts:
He dreams of meeting Christina Tosi. For him, she is the queen of cookies.

Greggory is grumpy and he can be a bit of a downer, but when he does laugh, he giggles like a little girl.


Reggie Guttmann

Born: Cammemouf, France

Reggie loves himself. He also loves a good dessert. He is very proud that his figure is very much unaffected by the many desserts he consumes. Reggie spent a lot of time crafting and designing his baked goods.

He wants them to look as good as him in the many many selfies he takes and posts on Instagram.

Donato befriended Reggie because he is inspired by his hair. Additionally, he also admires his delectable desserts and thought Eggward would be pleased if Reggie joins the lab. He is not wrong, but Eggward is slightly disturbed about Reggie's ridiculous amount of selfies, not to mention his outrageous poses.

Favourite dessert: Chocolate eggs, preferably shaped like him.
Favourite colour: Orange. He needs to make sure he stands out.

Fun facts:
Reggie is fond of Donato. He loves it when his hair gets complimented, but he also loves Donato's innocence and kindness.

He is very proud of his hair.

He is slightly miffed that he cannot get a six pack stomach, being an egg and all.



Producers: Enrico Pitono, Irna Rasad
Director: Enrico Pitono
Lead programmer: Gunawan Pramono
Programmer: Rico Gangga Sulestyo
Artist: Phillip Joseph
Composer: Enrico Pitono
Sound Editing: Joko Konstantinovha
Copywriters: Ika Handaja, Candra Dewayanti

Voice over:
Madeleine Stucchi by Gloria Stucchi
Pia Macdonald by Heather Macdonald
Eggward Smith by Matthew Smith
Donato by Enrico Pitono
Greggory Filatov by Dmitry Filatov
Reggie Guttmann by Sebastien Guttmann

Special thanks to:
London Business School Sloan Fellows 2014,
Abimanyu Andre, Tari Sandjojo,
Adinda Triandhina,
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